Oil-free workshop compressors

i.Comp 8 and 9 packages

Oil-free reciprocating compressor with variable-speed drive motor, which always delivers the exact amount of compressed air actually required for the application. 

Technical parameters for i.Comp 8 and 9 packages are as follows: 

  • Pressure: 11 bar 
  • Displacement: from 404 to 570 l/min 
  • Drive motor rated power: 3.1 and 4.2 kW 

Ideally suited to trades and workshop applications.

The benefits

  • Power and endurance:
    Thanks to its unlimited switching frequency, the i.Comp 8 / 9 is a true endurance runner. Even the harshest conditions, with ambient temperatures as high as +45°C, are just a walk in the park.
  • Quiet and clean:
    With a maximum sound pressure level of 65.7 dB(A), the i.Comp 8 / 9 is incredibly quiet, thanks to its exceptionally smooth-running compressor and sound-insulating PE enclosure.
  • Space-saving installation:
    Thanks to its compact dimensions, the high-performance i.Comp 8 / 9 has an overall footprint of less than 1 m².

Service and maintenance

Servicing is quicker and simpler with the i.Comp 9 G.

Dry-running compressors benefit from exceptionally low maintenance requirements. No oil changes are necessary and the direct drive is completely maintenance-free. The roto-moulded PE enclosure is designed for easy opening and closing, ensuring full access to all components. Servicing is carried out from one side only, meaning that this compact powerhouse can be installed right up against the wall.


Product details

Product details

Plug and play

The i.Comp 8 / 9 is delivered ready for connection. All that is needed is to connect it to a power supply and the compressed air network. 

Units deliver outstanding energy efficiency, maintenance-friendliness, durability and perfectly-matched components to ensure years of dependable, cost-effective service.

High efficiency

The i.Comp 8 / 9 is highly efficient in all load phases. Significantly reduced switching operations minimise energy losses and relieve pressure on the compressed air lines. 

Economical partial load operation helps achieve even greater energy cost savings. The specific package input power of i.Comp 8 / 9 compressors is up to 18 % lower than conventional reciprocating compressors.

Sound insulation

A reciprocating compressor as quiet as a conversation? With a maximum sound pressure level of 65.7 dB(A), the i.Comp 8 / 9 is incredibly quiet, thanks to its exceptionally smooth-running compressor, sound-insulating PE enclosure and well thought-out airflow. 

Moreover, sound levels are further reduced, since the compressor is decoupled from the PE enclosure. All of this makes operation of the i.Comp 8 / 9 directly in the workplace, as well as connection to existing compressed air networks, a breeze.

New drive concept
Infinitely variable settings ensure the exact amount of compressed air that is actually required.
  1. Conventional compressor
  1. i.Comp

The innovative new drive concept provides a multitude of advantages. Infinitely variable frequency control allows it to deliver the exact amount of power needed to meet actual compressed air demand, whilst optimised flow paths and cylinder-cooling ensure the highest levels of efficiency and the reduced-size crank drive guarantees smooth operation. The resulting minimal levels of wear ensure substantially lower maintenance costs. Reducing the number of inlet filters to just one reduces pressure losses, as well as wear and tear on components.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications can be found in this brochure: