Small compressors with petrol engine

Compact compressors, ideal for trades applications

Versatile, dependable and easy to manoeuvre – compact and convenient MOBILAIR compressors from KAESER can fit into the smallest loading spaces. With their high-quality motors and extremely impact-resistant PE housings, they are capable of mastering any application.

KAESER's small portable compressors with petrol engine keep a cool head, even at temperatures as high as +40 °C. This makes them ideally suited to the tough everyday conditions found on construction sites, for such applications as powering impact moles and sewer robots. Other possible applications range from operating air hammers and spades, to use as a trades compressor for powering drills, saws, screwdrivers and grinders.
The 15-bar version (M17 model) is ideal for trenchless fibre-optic cable laying.

Performance data:

  • Flow rate up to 1.6 m³/min
  • Gauge working pressure up to 15 bar

Your benefits:

  • Quickly available, anywhere
    With their compact housing and light operating weight of around only 200 kg, our small MOBILAIR compressors with petrol engine are easily loaded and take up very little space, meaning they can even be transported in a delivery van or pick-up truck.
  • Intuitive operation
    KAESER places great importance on the use of simple, clear display elements. The petrol engine starts up conveniently at the turn of a key.
  • Longevity and quiet operation
    The roto-moulded PE enclosures provide optimal noise and impact protection.

Flexibility in action

Optional compressed air after-treatment for Mobilair M13.

Thanks to a multitude of available options when it comes to compressed air treatment, powerful small compressors provide incredible flexibility in their application. MOBILAIR M13 and M17 models can optionally be connected to an external compressed air aftercooler, in order to ensure a dependable supply of cool, condensate-free air at all times. If technically oil-free compressed air is required, an external filter combination can also be connected.

Machines are delivered from the factory ready-equipped with:

  • 12V electrical connection to supply power for the aftercooler fan
  • Connection for return of separated condensate (in the petrol version it is evaporated via the hot exhaust gases; in the electric version condensate is collected via an integrated tank)
  • The support frame with compressed air aftercooler (approx. 16 kg) or with additional filter combination (approx. 22 kg) is equipped with fixed connections for compressed air, fan power supply and condensate return. All you need you to do is connect the lines to the suitably equipped compressor

Our portable, small compressors with petrol engine in detail

Keeping it simple: transport, handling, maintenance

Easy-load design

M17 – Easy-load design

The compressor can be manually lifted via four ergonomically designed hand grips, e.g. to enable loading on to a transporter.

Outstanding manoeuvrability

M13 – Ideal for work inside buildings, thanks to its compact design.
  • Compact design
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Large pneumatic tyres
  • Long, foldable push handle makes the unit easy to manoeuvre

Easy maintenance is standard

Mobilair M17, hinged for easy service access.

We make ease of operation and optimal accessibility of all maintenance points a top priority. This not only minimises maintenance costs, but also ensures maximum machine availability.

Drive options: petrol engines or electric motors

Petrol engines up to 15 bar

The impressive performance of the petrol engine versions is made possible thanks to their generously sized fuel tank and continuous air delivery control, which precisely matches air delivery to meet actual demand. This further reduces the fuel consumption of these already efficient machines.

  • Excellent endurance
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Continuous delivery control

Electric motors up to 15 bar

MOBILAIR electric portable compressors truly come into their own in work environments where quiet and exhaust-free conditions are required. These environmentally-compatible compressors therefore elegantly avoid any restrictions that may apply to the use of combustion engines.

  • Quiet, no exhaust
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • With pole-reversing switch
Technical specifications

The technical specifications can be found in this brochure: