Reciprocating compressors to meet OEM demands

Customised for every compressed air user

Do you have special compressed air supply requirements? Kaeser will put together a complete, turnkey compressed air station for you – with custom compressed air quality, flow rate and pressure requirement specifications.

  • Flow rate 60 to 1400 l/min
  • Pressure from 7 to 35 bar

Naturally we use only the highest quality, industrial-grade Kaeser components. In special circumstances, Kaeser can also construct a completely custom machine to meet your individual needs.

Your advantages

  • Optimally adapted to your overall system:
    We actively help with implementing the compressed air station into your overall system and with interface design – to ensure that everything works in perfect harmony.
  • Low energy costs with optimal service life:
    Our analytic methods will determine the most effective manner of operation for your system in order to reduce your operating costs.
Cost-effective at all levels
Life-cycle costs

Throughout our manufacturing process, we focus on delivering products that provide exceptional reliability, long service life, low maintenance requirements and flexibility of use – which makes for highly cost-effective products and highly satisfied customers.


Product details

Application examples
KAESER industrial reciprocating compressors in the brewing industry.


Kaeser industrial reciprocating compressors provide breweries with a reliable supply of compressed air compliant with food industry standards.

KAESER industrial reciprocating compressors in research and development.

Research and development

Laboratories in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries require compressed air of the very highest purity, which is never a problem for Kaeser compressors and compressed air treatment systems.

KAESER industrial reciprocating compressors for winter sport applications.

Winter sports

In combination with snow cannons, Kaeser reciprocating compressors ensure ski pistes are evenly covered with snow and help to significantly extend the winter sport season in lower and mid-level resorts.

KAESER industrial reciprocating compressors for fire protection.

Fire protection

Kaeser compressors provide the reliability that is so essential for fire protection systems.

KAESER industrial reciprocating compressors in the wine-making industry.


The annual winter task of pruning the grape vines is made much easier thanks to pneumatic pruning shears powered by reciprocating compressor systems from Kaeser.

KAESER industrial reciprocating compressors in the printing industry


Printing works throughout the world rely on the reliability and exceptional performance of Kaeser compressor systems to keep production costs to an absolute minimum.

Sample layout
Reciprocating compressor with direct drive
  1. Reciprocating compressor with direct drive
  2. Sound enclosure
  3. Internally-coated air receiver
  4. Refrigeration dryers
  1. Micro-filters
  2. Condensate treatment system
  3. Control unit

Base frame layout to produce control air for compressed air machines