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Master Benchtops - meeting green goals with Kaeser Compressors

01. 04 21

Meeting green goals

Master Benchtops – an Australian specialist in the manufacture of laminated benchtops - has opted for a Kaeser compressed air system featuring an ASD 60 SFC rotary screw compressor with Sigma Frequency Control, to deliver a reliable and energy efficient supply of compressed air to its manufacturing facility.

An example of damage caused to a compressor due to the use of non-genuine spare parts

01. 04 21

The real cost of non-genuine spare parts

How the choice of consumables and spare parts can impact the on-going integrity of a compressed air system 

With some businesses still limiting their capital expenditure, maintaining the integrity of an existing compressed air system has never been so important. Here, Kaeser Compressors discusses why opting for genuine spare parts and consumables when maintenance is required will play a pivotal role in achieving this outcome.

Kaeser Compressors has just announced the launch of its latest generation boosters that cover the 7.5 to 22 kW drive power range. The new CN C series booster models are energy efficient, complete and compact turnkey systems that are ideal wherever high pressure compressed air is required such as PET bottle production, process air applications and nitrogen generation.

The latest generation of the compact and dependable Aircenter all-in-one compressed air systems from Kaeser are not only more efficient than ever before, but they also now include a future-proof compressed air refrigerant dryer.

Kaeser Compressors NZ recently became an associate member of the Collision Repair Association (CRA), and will be exhibiting at CRA’s annual conference, taking place at the Marlborough Convention Centre in Blenheim from 16 to 17 April 2021.

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