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Applying the rub to the meat at Texas BBQ Foods

01. 01 19

Smokin’ good: Kaeser delivers a reliable supply of clean compressed air at Texas BBQ Foods

Texas BBQ Foods - a New Zealand producer of Texas-inspired smoked meats, cheeses, butter, sauces and rubs - recently opted for a compact and user-friendly Kaeser Aircenter 6, to meet its requirement for a reliable supply of clean compressed air at its new state-of-the-art facility.

Air Demand Analysis (ADA) from Kaeser Compressors

01. 11 18

Unlocking the energy savings potential of your compressed air system

Any facility that relies on compressed air as source of energy will know that compressed air is a significant consumer of electricity. Not great news when you consider the heightened electricity costs we have all been faced with in recent years. However, what many compressed air users do not realise is that their compressed air system may well be hiding an energy savings potential of 30 percent or more. Uncovering and realising these savings would assist them in reducing their associated electricity bill and therefore their carbon footprint.

Kaeser Compressors New Zealand launched its new website earlier this month. Along with a fresh appearance and a simplified navigation, the new website has been designed to be user- and mobile- friendly.

Visitors to stand number 31 at NMEC 2018, will be able to take a virtual reality tour of the robust and highly efficient CSG-2 series dry-running rotary screw compressor range from Kaeser Compressors.

Energy costs can account for a considerable amount of manufacturer's operating costs, a large proportion of which may well be attributed to running a compressed air system. So how can manufacturers reduce the impact to their bottom line? Knowledge gained through compressed air training may well be the key to unlocking the energy savings potential of a compressed air system.

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