KAESER life cycle management

A Kaeser compressor is a purchase for life – and a decision that we always want you to look back on with satisfaction. To make sure of that, we put all of our energy and passion into the development of our machines as well as providing excellent customer advice and service.

Energy efficiency is a top priority.

The purchase price and service costs account for just a fraction of the total lifetime cost of a compressor. The biggest item by far is the cost of energy.

Save with KAESER life-cycle management

We have been striving for more than 40 years to reduce your energy expenses from compressed air production – but not only that. We also never lose sight of the service and maintenance costs and the constant availability of the compressed air supply.

Customer satisfaction starts with good advice

That's why we take a close look at your production set-up and your needs. We've developed systems that allow us to make a precise assessment of how much compressed air you need – and at which quality standards. That's because we need a clear understanding of your requirements to develop solutions that will save you time and money.

"...they tailored a compressed air supply system to meet our exact needs, and it is already proving to deliver an energy efficient and reliable supply of compressed air on demand." Wayne Herring, premium alkaline water bottler in Nelson

Compressors for these solutions are not one-size-fits-all products. Amongst the numerous design options with a wide power output range, we'll find the right model for you.

We develop machines with a future

Once your system is installed, there's no need to lose sleep over the future costs and service time. Energy efficiency and maximum availability are not our only priorities when manufacturing our products.

"The efficiency of our compressed air supply has increased since we installed the KAESER compressors which reflects in the energy savings we are enjoying off our utility bills!"

Kris Vinsen, protective and restoration coatings company in New Plymouth

Easy maintenance, simple replacement of wearing parts, long product life – and therefore high availability of compressed air – if possible 100% of the time: That's what we always have in mind when designing our machines.