Sustainability at KAESER COMPRESSORS - Our responsibility

KAESER COMPRESSORS is a family business with over 100 years of history. Committed to tradition, sustainability means responsibility for the future. That's why we've made it our mission to integrate productivity, climate protection, and social responsibility - both in our manufacturing processes and our products. Because we take this seriously, KAESER has incorporated this commitment to greater sustainability into our corporate strategy. This ensures that all areas think and act responsibly.
We also align ourselves with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have defined strategic focus areas: energy efficiency, CO2 neutrality, environmental protection, resource conservation and fair working conditions. To achieve these goals, we undergo a continuous transformation process, including transforming KAESER into a CO2-neutral company. We aim to be part of a sustainable manufacturing environment and to make a significant contribution to combatting global climate change, by committing to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Sustainable framework conditions

Sustainable framework conditions for sustainable compressed air
By employing digital technologies and intelligently linking energy flows in our manufacturing processes, KAESER is already a leader in energy and resource efficiency. In our Smart Factory, production is carried out according to the latest standards, making it easier for us to save even more energy and reduce emissions through continuous improvements. Additionally, KAESER's sustainability management oversees the entire value chain concerning all market-relevant ESG topics.
To achieve our goal of continuous improvement, aspects such as regionality, social responsibility, circular economy, and above all, energy efficiency play a crucial role. In collaboration with our business partners, we are also working to reduce the carbon footprint in the value chain.

Resource-saving product development

Resource-saving product development for compressed air systems and equipment
Alongside intelligent production, KAESER also sets new standards in reliability, efficiency, and sustainability for compressed air systems and installations. But we not stopping there. Our products and services are continuously optimised to achieve ever-greater energy efficiency, best possible compressed air availability and optimum cost-effectiveness for our customers.
KAESER products are designed not only to be exceptionally efficient during operation; energy consumption is also minimised as far as possible during their production. When it comes to investment and procurement, we focus on acquiring ever more energy-efficient and sustainable goods and services.
KAESER innovations help our customers significantly increase their energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. Moreover, they contribute to conserving resources and reducing emissions.

Social responsibility as part of the sustainability strategy

Social responsibility is the key to sustainability and success.
Social responsibility begins with the training of our skilled workers and continues throughout the employees' working lives.
At KAESER, every employee is considered our most valuable asset. Our employees are the key to our over 100 years of success. That's why fostering a trusting and, above all, equitable relationship is our top priority.
We maintain an open and constructive corporate culture, where values such as tradition, reliability, and trust - as well as innovation and sustainability - are of central importance.
We provide extensive training programs, equal career opportunities for all genders, and a wide range of sports and preventative measures as part of our corporate health management.

Commitment to human rights and compliance

At KAESER, respect for human rights is a fundamental component of responsible business management. It is therefore imperative to us that human rights are adhered to throughout the entire business, and are also respected by our partners and suppliers.
Our human rights policy statement expresses our traditional values, as well as our responsibilities. KAESER is committed to protecting human rights and conserving the environment.