Container Solutions


Instrument and plant compressed air systems in containers

Kaeser container solutions are tailored to individual customer needs and can be operated in temperature ranges from –50°C to +45°C. Ambient temperatures over +45°C require alternative turnkey solutions which can be offered according to requirement. Low-temperature steels are used for temperatures below –50°C. 

Kaeser guides its customers every step of the way from inquiry, design, order, factory approval, packaging, loading and transportation to unloading and initial on-site start-up. The compressor packages are manufactured according to specific customer and country requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Flexible:
    Containerised equipment can be flexibly combined as required.
  • Plug & Play:
    Simply connect the electrical, compressed air and wastewater lines and the containerised air station is ready to operate.
  • Compatible:
    Can also be used in combination with systems from other manufacturers.

Explore a container solution

Just click on the 360o image above to take a tour of a recent container solution project and learn more about what's inside the container.

Compressor outage?

Are you experiencing an unplanned compressed air bottleneck that is threatening your delivery capabilities? Or has your production ground to a halt due to a sudden compressor outage?

Not to worry - we're here to help! With CONTAIN-AIR from Kaeser Compressors, you can react quickly to any interruptions – regardless of whether it's due to a compressor outage, backup required during maintenance and repairs, a temporary bottleneck or an emergency situation.

“Plug and play” compressed air station

KAESER’s turnkey, containerised compressed air stations can be perfectly matched to your exact requirements, thanks to our SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 master controller. We provide the ideal rental solution for any application – be it for the automotive sector, oil and gas operations, the pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs or beverages industries or PET bottle production.

Our containerised solutions are all perfectly suited for installation outdoors. All that is needed is to connect the electrical, compressed air and condensate lines and the system is ready to go.