Complete booster system: SIGMA PET AIR

All-round carefree package for PET container production

The SIGMA PET AIR complete booster system combines blow and control air production in a single operation-ready system. An air-cooled rotary screw compressor produces the control air whilst simultaneously serving as a pre-compression stage for the blow air. Blow air booster, system controller and all compressed air treatment components for both pressure systems are installed operation-ready on a base frame.

SIGMA PET AIR delivers the following performance parameters:

  • Flow rate up to 2772 m³/h
  • Blow air up to 45 bar

The SIGMA PET AIR complete booster system is the perfect choice for operators of PET container blow-moulding equipment with high expectations when it comes to reliability, cost-effectiveness and compressed air quality.

Your advantages

  • Rapid delivery, ready for immediate operation:
    Installation on a base frame reduces the unit footprint whilst also streamlining transport and setup. We are also capable of delivering complete, operation-ready SIGMA PET AIR systems installed in containers if desired by the customer.
  • Unparalleled cooling without high cost:
    The majority of our boosters are equipped with air-cooled aftercoolers. In air-cooled units, a separate cooler with its own fan motor ensures minimal temperature differential (ΔT) between the intake air and compressed air, allowing customers to dispense with expensive water-cooled systems.
  • Benefit from low maintenance requirements:
    Since the SIGMA PET AIR system has only two compression stages (rotary screw compressor and booster), significantly less service is required compared to multi-stage high-pressure reciprocating compressors with atmospheric compression.
Efficiency at every turn
Life-cycle costs

All components are precisely coordinated for maximum efficiency. This means you'll enjoy maximum cost-effectiveness, reliability and availability with regard to production of control and blower air used in PET container manufacturing.


Product details


The SIGMA PET AIR system comprises five components:

The 5 components of the SIGMA PET AIR system

1. Energy-saving rotary screw compressor

The energy-saving SIGMA-Profile was developed and optimised by KAESER and provides the basis for production of control and process air.

2. High efficiency booster

Booster compression ratios are kept to a minimum by precisely matching the booster to suit rotary screw compressor performance, which in-turn increases energy efficiency.

3. Class 1 compressed air quality

The SIGMA PET AIR system produces technically oil-free compressed air, whilst the oil and solid particle content is reliably kept below Class 1 limits as per ISO 8573-1.

4. Complete air receiver package

High- and low-pressure air receivers are both equipped with all necessary fittings, including an electronic condensate drain.

5. Automatic control

The KAESER CONTROL monitoring and control unit is located in the main control cabinet, which also contains the booster controller (star-delta) and fuses for all drives.