Rotary blowers (single block): OMEGA series

Tough and ready for anything

Our single-block blowers provide maximum flexibility. The OMEGA series blowers with their three-lobe rotors minimise pulsation and include a wide range of rotary lobe blowers for stationary and mobile applications. They are manufactured in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled CNC production facilities and are rigorously tested at full load.

  • Highly versatile rotary lobe blowers – in stationary and mobile versions, suitable for both vacuum and pressure operation – for air and nitrogen conveying applications (OMEGA P and PN)
  • Blower with primary components made from chromium-nickel alloy for vacuum distillation / process water recycling (OMEGA B)
  • Vacuum blowers with pre-inlet cooling – suitable for alternating vacuum and pressure operation in tanker trucks and suction vehicles (OMEGA PV)
  • Rotary lobe vacuum pumps for fine vacuum applications (OMEGA WVC) in combination with a booster pump

Your advantages

  • Long service life:
    Heavy-duty cylinder roller bearings completely absorb the continuously changing radial gas-forces that are exerted on the rotors. Service life of up to 100,000 hours is possible with the included bearings.
  • High flow rate = High-efficiency
    Thanks to precision manufacturing we achieve minimal flank clearance, which results in reduced capacity losses through gap losses.
Economical – thanks to low life cycle costs
Life-cycle costs

Our comprehensive approach guarantees optimal return on investment: Outstanding energy efficiency and maximum compressed air availability combined with a rapid response global service and support network.


Product details

OMEGA P rotary lobe blower
Rotary lobe blower packages with OMEGA profile

Field of application

Whether stationary or mobile, and in both vacuum and pressure operation – our rotary blowers ensure excellent performance for a wide range of applications. For example:

  • In water management (e.g. for aeration of sedimentation tanks)
  • Forced air generation (drying, cooling, separation...)
  • Combustion air supply
  • For pneumatic conveying of powdered and granular bulk materials
Rotary lobe blowers for nitrogen conveying Model OMEGA PN
OMEGA P rotary lobe blower
Field of application
Some bulk materials have to be conveyed in a nitrogen atmosphere within a closed system.
Leakage from system components – including rotary blowers – must therefore be kept to an absolute minimum.
PN series blowers were specially developed for these applications. They are available with three different drive shaft rotary lead-through seals, including a wear-free sliding ring seal.
Vacuum blower with pre-inlet cooling: Model OMEGA PV
OMEGA PV vacuum blower – suction vehicle
Field of application
  • For use in low vacuum ranges up to 100 mbar (a) or 900 mbar pressure differential.
  • Vacuum intake capacity: up to 120 m³/min
Application examples
  • Mobile use, e.g. in tanker trucks and suction vehicles
OMEGA PV vacuum blower – working principle
How it works
If vacuum (yellow) occurs between the rotor and the casing, ambient air (blue) enters the blower block via so-called pre-inlet channels as the rotors continue to turn.
The two volume flows subsequently combine and the arising compression heat is dissipated throughout a much larger volume of trapped air.
This approach therefore achieves the same discharge temperatures that are produced by normal blower blocks.
Vapour compression blowers: Model OMEGA B
Vapour compression blowers: Model OMEGA B

Field of application

  • Specially designed for steam compression in vacuum operations in combination with water injection cooling


  • Rotors and block casings: cast stainless steel or chromium-nickel cast iron
  • Several options for internal seals for rotary transmission lead-through (corrosion-resistant and wear-free)
  • Various special seals for drive shaft rotary lead-through for different working environments
  • Conveying direction: Vertical, from top to bottom (adjustable for different set-ups)
Rotary lobe vacuum pump: WVC type
WVC rotary lobe vacuum pump
Field of application
  • For fine-vacuum applications
  • Nominal flow capacity up to 6,800 m³/h
  • Dry compression
  • For use in pumping units in conjunction with a booster pump for increased suction power and vacuum pressure
Reduced pumping time through frequency converter.
The optional frequency converter allows simultaneous activation of a rotary lobe vacuum pump and booster pump at atmospheric pressure.
OMEGA P rotary lobe blowers – How they work
OMEGA P rotary lobe blower – How it works
  1. Intake
  2. Conveying to discharge side
  1. Pressure equalisation
  2. Discharge

As the rotors turn, air in the inlet is trapped between the rotor lobes and the casing. When the advancing lobe reaches the lip of an eccentric bore hole in the casing, this "pre-inlet channel" allows gradual equalisation of pressure between the trapped inlet air and the air drawn in from the discharge side. Pressure equalisation in two-lobe blocks occurs abruptly as the advancing lobe crosses the lip of the discharge port. This is the main reason why three-lobe blocks generate significantly less pulsation than two-lobe blocks. The air is then finally pushed out against the pressure in the pipe work.