Kaeser Compressors presents the i.Comp family of reciprocating compressors
An all-in-one solution

Compact, versatile and - thanks to its new, high-efficiency drive concept - both oil-free and maintenance-free, the i.Comp 8/9 are the complete all-in-one compressed air stations.

i.Comp: Model range of the year
i.Comp: Model range of the year

The i.Comp 8 and 9 oil-free compression reciprocating compressors complete the range. Both of these innovative, speed-controlled machines can deliver pressure up to 11 bar, whilst at the same time providing everything else that you could want and expect from a modern reciprocating compressor of this size.

An all-in-one solution

Compressed air for trades applications

Introducing the i.Comp family

Robust, powerful, compact, maintenance-friendly, efficient – the list goes on. The centrepiece is the new drive concept, which offers a host of advantages. This ensures that the oil-free compression reciprocating compressor, powered by a variable-speed drive motor, always delivers the exact volume of compressed air actually required for the application. An i.Comp reciprocating compressor is your perfect companion for both construction sites and workshops. 

i.Comp 3
Portable reciprocating compressors designed especially for trades applications

A 150 m power cable ensures that the i.Comp 3 is your perfect portable companion. Thanks to its new drive concept, this compact all-rounder needs no air receiver - making it light and easy to handle. It is capable of producing a constant pressure of over 10 bar and an air delivery volume of up to 160 l/min.

The portable version of the i.Comp 3 reciprocating compressor from Kaeser Compressors
The mobile version of the i.Comp 3 is the perfect solution when there are longer distances to be covered.

Its ability to produce oil-free compressed air means that the i.Comp 3 is ideally suited to an enormous number of different areas of application. No matter whether it's for laser cutting, cable blowing, sandblasting or pneumatic nailing - you can rely on the i.Comp 3.

When it comes to pneumatic nailing, the Kaeser i.Comp 3 trades compressor always delivers the precise amount of compressed air required.

Basic information:

  • Power cable up to 150 m
  • Up to 11 bar constant pressure
  • Flow rate up to 160 l/min

i.Comp 8/9
Reciprocating compressors with variable speed control

Inside the i.Comp 8/9 you will find a complete reciprocating compressor station. All that is needed to start work straight away is a power supply and a compressed air connection, and there you have it: “Plug and play”, right there in your workshop.
Tower T versions feature a refrigeration dryer, two air receivers with a capacity of 40 l each, an intuitive SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller and optional compressed air filters.

Robust, compact and extremely versatile, the i.Comp 8 / 9 from Kaeser also features an impressive new drive concept.
The i.Comp 8/9 is available as a standard version without air receiver, a Tower version including air receiver and a version featuring refrigeration dryer and filters.

The whole package is contained within a robust, soundproof polyethylene enclosure, which reduces the sound pressure level to a maximum of 66 dB. Thanks to their compact dimensions, i.Comp 8/9 units have a footprint of less than 1 m².

Unlimited switching frequency, a powerful fan and optimised cooling air flow ensure that 100% duty cycles are no problem for the i.Comp 8/9. Just as with its little brother, no oil changes are necessary thanks to oil-free compression. What’s more, the direct drive reduces maintenance costs even further. 

Whether it be for a laboratory, a brewery or a workshop, the i.Comp 8/9 models are the ideal choice!

Basic information:

  • Constant pressure up to 11 bar
  • Flow rates from 404 to 570 l/min
  • 80 l air receiver
The i.Comp 9 reciprocating compressor station with integrated refrigeration dryer is perfect for vehicle workshop applications.

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