Pressure vessel testing and inspection

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Pressure vessels - or air receivers - are an integral part of a compressed air system. Most compressed air users will have at least two pressure vessels within their compressed air system; the external air receiver and the internal air receiver - like an oil separator - which can be found within, for example, a screw compressor.

A Kaeser compressed air receiver
Pressure vessels - or air receivers - are an integral part of a compressed air system.

If improperly designed, installed, used or maintained air receivers can be potentially very dangerous and can lead to catastrophic outcomes such as; fatalities, serious injuries and damage to property. As a result, legal requirements for design standards for internal pressure equipment are in place for vessels of various sizes and pressure ratings. And for pressure vessels with higher hazard levels independent design verifications may need to be undertaken. 

The responsibility to check the vessel's design and obtain any relevant design verifications lies with the manufacturer or importer of the pressure vessel into New Zealand, and the ongoing condition monitoring of the vessel, to ensure its safe operation, lies with the owner or operator of the pressure vessel. 

Failure to comply with current pressure vessel design and inspection requirements and legislations can potentially lead to the owner of the pressure equipment being fined.

Inspection & Testing with KAESER AIR SERVICE

Compressed air pressure vessel testing and inspection with KAESER AIR SERVICE
Air compressor pressure vessel testing & inspection with KAESER AIR SERVICE

In accordance with the Standard AS/NZS 3788, depending on the size, design pressure and hazard level, an air compressor pressure vessel should be inspected externally every 2 years and internally every 4 years by a competent person. 

KAESER Air Service provides comprehensive pressure vessel inspection, testing and registration services. 

Information correct at time of print - October 2020.