Compressed air engineering handbook

Knowledge is power

Kaeser compressed air engineering handbook

If you are looking to operate an optimised and efficient compressed air system then it is important to have an overall understanding of compressed air as an energy carrier as well as the compressed air system as a whole, the numerous interactions and influences that occur within a system, and how it integrates into the operating system. As they say 'knowledge is power' and in this case having knowledge could save you power!

Contents at a glance


Chapter 1        Fundamentals of compressed air production
Chapter 2        Efficient compressed air treatment
Chapter 3        Why do we need to dry compressed air?
Chapter 4        Condensate: Correct drainage
Chapter 5        Condensate: Safe, economical treatment
Chapter 6        Efficient compressor control
Chapter 7        Optimised compressor performance to meet actual demand
Chapter 8        Energy savings with heat recovery
Chapter 9        Designing and installing a new distribution network
Chapter 10        Optimising an existing air distribution network
Chapter 11        Air demand analysis – determining the current situation
Chapter 12        Determining the most efficient concept
Chapter 13        Efficient compressor station cooling
Chapter 14        Ensuring long-term reliability and cost-optimisation        

Practical tips

Tip 1    Savings with optimised pressure
Tip 2    Correct pressure at the air connection
Tip 3    Efficient compressed air distribution
Tip 4    Pipework in the compressed air station
Tip 5    Correct compressor installation
Tip 6    Compressed air station ventilation (intake)
Tip 7    Compressed air station ventilation (exhaust)

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