Leak detection & management

Compressed air leak detection and management

Unfortunately all compressed air systems will have compressed air leaks. In a new, well maintained compressed air network it is not uncommon to find a 5 to 20% leakage rate, and in older compressed air networks it can easily be 30 to 40%. 

Losing compressed air through leaks is a costly exercise in terms of unproductive air consumption and increased energy usage. Long term this can lead to an increased maintenance requirement and a reduction in the useful life of equipment. Whilst unavoidable, it is possible to manage the leak rate in a compressed air system. 

Following a regular programme of leak detection, repair and on-going management is one of the most cost effective measures that can be taken in order to see both immediate and long-term results.

UltraSonic leak detection

Compressed air leak detection with Kaeser Compressors
The most comprehensive method of detecting compressed air leaks is with an Ultrasonic Leak Detector (USLD).

The most comprehensive method of detecting compressed air leaks is with an UltraSonic Leak Detector (USLD). Fast and accurate, a USLD is the most versatile form of leak detection and can detect leaks as small as a pinhole! 

A USLD kit consists of directional microphones, amplifiers, and audio filters. As ultrasonic is a high frequency signal, the sound from a compressed air leak is both directional and localised to the source. This allows the detector to sense and therefore locate the source of leaks with relative ease. Once leaks have been detected they are tagged, recorded and fixed in order of priority. 

UltraSonic Leak Detection can be performed while the plant is running as background noise will not interfere with the results. This means no downtime.

Continual improvement programme

Compressed air leak detection and repair will never be a one off requirement. As a compressed air system ages or changes with time it will need further attention. For long term results leak detection and repair therefore needs to be part of an on-going programme.

How much are compressed air leaks costing you?

The table below shows the costs of compressed air leaks over 12 months, with the compressed air system operating 24/7. Assuming the system has a power cost of 15 cents/kW/hr

How much are compressed air leaks costing you?
How much are compressed air leaks costing you?

Compressed air leak detection & management with KAESER AIR SERVICE

KAESER AIR SERVICE provides a comprehensive leak detection programme. This includes UltraSonic Leak Detection, tagging, fixing and on-going management. This can be selected as a stand alone service or integrated into a service and maintenance package. Enquire today! Just phone 0800 447 820