Oil-free, efficient and dependable process air

Operating at exceptional levels of efficiency, the state-of-the-art PillAerator series magnetic bearing turbo blowers from Kaeser, can save up to 25% of the energy costs associated with conventional technologies. They are the ideal choice for aeration and flotation processes with high air demand, delivering energy-efficient and reliable operation for low life-cycle costs.

PillAerator turbo blowers from KAESER Compressors
Kaeser PillAerator series turbo blowers

With flow rates up to 1600 m3/h and differential pressures up to 1.3 bar, the PillAerator series turbo blowers are ideal for applications with a high demand for oil-free low-pressure process air. These cutting edge blowers can therefore meet the requirements of many applications across a diverse range of industries, such as; biological aeration in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants to yeast fermentation in food production, fluidisation and the generation of blast and combustion air. 

PillAerator turbo blowers stand out not only for their exceptional efficiency - saving up to 25% of the energy costs associated with conventional technology - but also for their intelligent design. The turbo impeller is driven directly by a high-speed motor inside a shaft supported by magnetic bearings, making the system completely wear-free. This means that no lubrication is required, saving both work time and costs when it comes to maintenance. 

The intelligent magnetic bearings, which are protected against unexpected mains power failure, actively control the rotor position at every operating point, thereby achieving a very broad control range for the flow rate. Magnetic levitation of the bearings from start-up through to standstill enables completely wear-free operation, allowing an unlimited starting frequency for the turbo blower. To stop the process air supply, the motor can be brought to a standstill, thereby saving energy. 

Cooling of key components is achieved independently of the outside ambient air, thereby protecting them against the ingress of fine particles. This in turn ensures long-term uninterrupted operation. 

Designed for immediate operation with minimal installation effort, the PillAertor turbo blowers are available in three optimised pressure ranges - L (up to 1000 mbar), M (up to 1200 mbar) and H (up to 1350 mbar) for optimum efficiency. Flow rates up to 267 m3/min (16,000 m3/h), pressure differentials from 0.3 to 1.3 bar, with 150 kW and 300 kW motor models available. For more information visit nz.kaeser.com or phone 0800 447 820.

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PillAerator turbo blowers from KAESER Compressors

PillAerator turbo blowers provide exceptional efficiency and operate completely without wear, thanks to contact-free and lubricant-free magnetic bearings.

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