Kaeser launches quiet, compact and highly efficient boosters

Kaeser recently launched its completely redesigned range of boosters. With drive powers ranging from 22 to 45 kW the new DN C series boosters from Kaeser are space saving, energy saving and maintenance friendly.

Booster reciprocating compressor
With their new modern design, Kaeser's latest generation of boosters are now more compact than ever!

For applications which require high pressure air such as; PET bottle production, process air applications and nitrogen generation, Kaeser presents the newly redesigned DN C series boosters.

Half the size of its predecessor, the new DN C series boosters from Kaeser have a small footprint offering the ideal solution where space is at a premium. Optimised for low vibration and low noise emissions, these compact units also run noticeably quieter thanks to an enclosure with integrated aftercooling as well as a low-vibration basic structure.

For the ultimate energy efficient solution, the DN C series boosters are available with Sigma Frequency Control (SFC). Incorporating a variable speed drive ensures superior harmonisation of the booster on the input side with the upstream compressor output. This in turn allows for the reduction of the relatively high switching frequency characteristic of some booster applications. The powerful SFC functionality helps adjust the free air delivery as consistently as possible to meet the needs of the system. This reduces switching differentials on both sides, as well as potentially resulting overpressure, leaks and machine load - all of which contribute to energy savings.

All serviced parts are easily accessible from one point. This intelligent component layout makes the DN C series boosters extremely service friendly.

The boosters also include an integrated Sigma Control 2 controller, equipped with special booster software, to ensure optimal system operation whilst also enabling convenient connection to master controller systems via Ethernet. Since all individual components can be perfectly coordinated with one another, the entire station can be optimised to provide maximum efficiency and performance. Integration is also possible with an industry 4.0 environment.

Ready for immediate electrical connection upon delivery - thereby greatly minimising installation time and costs - the DN C series boosters from Kaeser are available with drive powers from 22 to 45 kW and free air delivery 2.9 to 19.60 m3/min.

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