MESNZ Lunch and Learn Webinars

MESNZ Lunch and Learn Webinars, sponsored by Kaeser Compressors NZ

Kaeser Compressors NZ is proud to be sponsoring the Maintenance Engineering Society of New Zealand (MESNZ) Lunch and Learn Webinar series. These weekly webinars last 1 hour, and feature industry speakers talking on a range of topics. 

Below you will find more information on forthcoming MESNZ Lunch and Learn Webinars with links to register. We do update this page regularly so don't forget to check back in the near future for newly added webinars!

MESNZ Lunch and Learn Webinars

What's coming up

#23: Understanding Turbulence in Industrial Air flows
Dec 01, 2021 at 12:00 PM NZST

As reliability engineers we tend to focus on individual pieces of equipment, like pumps, fans and other rotating equipment, but often the root cause of the problem we are needing to address lies in the design or operation of the process system itself. Turbulence in industrial airflow systems is one such example where your balanced and aligned process air fan is not the problem, but rather the design of the ducting itself or possibly the control strategy being employed. Almost all industrial air systems by their very nature will be turbulent, the challenge is understanding the difference between what is “normal” and what may need to be “changed”. 

This Online Session, hosted by Dr James Neale (MESNZ Chair, and industrial airflow system specialist), will use several real case studies to demonstrate a practical troubleshooting guide for industrial airflow systems. It will include what to look for, what you can measure and practical solutions to the common mistakes made by airflow system designers, installers, and commissioning engineers.

#24: Practical Guide to Electrical Safety Inspections
Dec 08, 2021 at 12:00 PM NZST

Electrical Safety Inspections are carried out regularly across most industrial and commercial sites both here in New Zealand and around the world, yet our safety standards are struggling to keep us with international developments. Infrared inspections of electrical equipment is one piece of this complex puzzle, yet there is so much more to conducting these inspections safely and efficiently. This session will cover the basics of an integrated inspection approach that utilises the latest in infrared and ultrasonic inspection techniques, including the correct use of infrared windows and ultrasonic diagnostics. 

This Online Session will be hosted by Dr James Neale (MESNZ Chair). James holds current certifications as both an ultrasound and infra-red inspector, as well as being CMRP and CMRT certified.

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